Node.js ChangeLog
2015-09-08, Version 4.0.0 (Stable), @rvagg

Notable changes

This list of changes is relative to the last io.js v3.x branch release, v3.3.0. Please see the list of notable changes in the v3.x, v2.x and v1.x releases for a more complete list of changes from 0.12.x. Note, that some changes in the v3.x series as well as major breaking changes in this release constitute changes required for full convergence of the Node.js and io.js projects.

child_process: ChildProcess.prototype.send() and process.send() operate asynchronously across all platforms so an optional callback parameter has been introduced that will be invoked once the message has been sent, i.e. .send(message[, sendHandle][, callback]) (Ben Noordhuis) #2620.
node: Rename "io.js" code to "Node.js" (cjihrig) #2367.
node-gyp: This release bundles an updated version of node-gyp that works with all versions of Node.js and io.js including nightly and release candidate builds. From io.js v3 and Node.js v4 onward, it will only download a headers tarball when building addons rather than the entire source. (Rod Vagg) #2700
npm: Upgrade to version 2.14.2 from 2.13.3, includes a security update, see for more details, (Kat Marchán) #2696.
timers: Improved timer performance from porting the 0.12 implementation, plus minor fixes (Jeremiah Senkpiel) #2540, (Julien Gilli) nodejs/node-v0.x-archive#8751 nodejs/node-v0.x-archive#8905
util: The*() functions have been deprecated, beginning with deprecation warnings in the documentation for this release, users are encouraged to seek more robust alternatives in the npm registry, (Sakthipriyan Vairamani) #2447.
v8: Upgrade to version from (Ali Ijaz Sheikh) #2632.
Implement new TypedArray prototype methods: copyWithin(), every(), fill(), filter(), find(), findIndex(), forEach(), indexOf(), join(), lastIndexOf(), map(), reduce(), reduceRight(), reverse(), slice(), some(), sort(). See for further information.
Implement new TypedArray.from() and TypedArray.of() functions. See for further information.
Implement arrow functions, see for further information.
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node: Rename "io.js" code to "Node.js" (cjihrig) #2367.




这对native mod开发者来说是个福音,不用再去考虑兼容iojs和node携带的两个版本差距悬殊的v8版本了。